It is the time when everyone Using Internet for many purposes and the chances of Criminal activity on cyber is very serious, so here we will read How to fight with cyber crime and criminals. On internet we like to searching for information , online money transactions and social presence on web is so much important for many persons like working professionals,students,webmasters and a normal user of internet.So as we know that everyone accessing the internet today so the criminal offenses is also taking place into this world-wide web(WWW). So it is our duty to know about cyber crime activities like Email account hacking, Data theft,misusing  of personal data online,ruining your social presence. When we are taking about countries like India , there is very low number of people who knows about the cyber crime in India and how to fight with criminal activities on cyber space against them.

So first we need to know which things are comes under the cyber crime :-

What is cyber crime:

Cyber crime can involves a computer or network of computers like web, it can be cracking password, Copyright issues, Identity theft, spam your email account or social network account, pornography, publishing offensive content, harassment , for more info go to this link. These are the main topics on which we take the help of Cyber Law of our country.

Where to go when you have affected by these type of Cyber criminal activities :-

When we have been affected by any cyber crime activities so we usually try to ignore this just because we don’t know the procedure of how to fight with these and where to complain for this.

The procedure we have to follow :-

Just go to your nearest Police Station and directly go to one of the senior Police officer and explain the whole criminal activities is happening or happened with you on Internet or any IT related problem it all comes under the cyber law.

When your FIR (First Information Report) has been submitted , then that case directly passes to the Cyber Crime Cell of that State or Provision and the Cyber Cell is now available in every state in India. And then the process starts by the cyber experts of police.Yes there is so much better official are available in Police Department and always recruits or hire from outside to solve many Cyber Crime to give the best result, just follow these steps and you will not be disappointed.

Final Words :- Always trust on the Law of your country there is so many people in Government are very serious about Web Crime and always try to take new problems in considerations. share this article about how to fight with cyber crime and criminals with your friends and relatives.So be Aware and be Safe.